When my niece was 13, I bought her 8 shares of McDonald’s stock for around $300 for her bat mitzvah. 

Thirty-four years later, that $300 is worth just under $30,000, and my 47-year-old niece is planning on doing the same thing for her own 13-year-old daughter.

This is just one example of how time can be your friend for your children. One single investment can blossom into something much larger.

In the same way, you can open a life insurance when your child is a baby and watch it grow to $1 million when they’re an adult. 


The million dollar strategy

The million dollar strategy you want for your baby is called index universal life insurance

This is a proven and secure way to put aside money for your child’s future that steadily grows, tax-free, at more than 5 percent. You can open it as early as 2 weeks after a baby is born, and it will protect him his whole life. 

This flexible, long-term investment strategy operates as a whole life insurance policy. It will mature at a future date that you choose, such as when your child turns 18, 21, or 25.

Parents or grandparents can invest in a child’s future by setting up and putting money into this special universal life insurance plan each month. Many of them are fully funded after 20 years, needing no additional deposits.

This tax-sheltered growth is a great way to pass on – or create – wealth for your children. After the child turns 18, ownership of the plan can be handed over to him or her at any time.


Flexible cash value they can use

One of the great things about this kind of plan is that the child can access the cash throughout his or her lifetime for many different purposes. 

For instance, adding $250 a month to this policy could give the child $80,600 to use for college. Or maybe she holds onto it until age 35 so she has $198,500 to use to buy a house or a down payment on buying her own business. 

Or, maybe he keeps it all until retirement at age 65. Now she has over $1 million on this policy alone to use as a pension for retirement.

These are just some of the ways you can use this tax-free income. Better yet, you can withdraw from this account while the plan stays active and the funds continue to grow. 


Guaranteed protection from birth

Another amazing benefit of this kind of universal health insurance is that it offers lifetime protection while the premiums would be the absolute lowest. 

Most children are healthy at birth, so they are virtually guaranteed to qualify for life insurance. You lock in amazing rates for life!

Say that your child develops asthma at age 8. Maybe he becomes a firefighter when he grows up. Or takes up skydiving or car racing in his 20s. 

Perhaps your granddaughter develops breast cancer in her 40s or 50s. 

Thanks to this plan, they’ll be guaranteed life insurance protection, and usually at a locked-in lower rate. No matter what illness, life situations or choices come their way, they will remain protected for life.

Without this, they would most likely be denied all access to life insurance, or – at best – be accepted but charged astronomical prices for less coverage. 


Easy and cost-effective

Despite all these benefits, a mere 34 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds have life insurance. That number is slashed even greater for minors.

They’re so easy to set up, with no medical exams required, and no medical records needed on cases below $500,000. They help the next generation become financially independent and create a solid financial foundation.


The difference between Asher and Cadence

Let me explain how this plan can help through the stories of Asher and Cadence.

When Asher was a baby, his parents and grandparents teamed up to buy this kind of special life insurance policy for him. Neither his parents nor grandparents came from wealth, and they didn’t want the same kind of future of living paycheck to paycheck for baby Asher. 

Together, though, they were able to find a plan with affordable monthly premiums. Over the years, this asset grew and grew. 

When Asher was ready to go off to college, he was able to tap into some of these savings to supplement his grants and scholarships and go to his first-choice school. 

At age 27, Asher tapped into this policy again to make a down payment on his first house, becoming the first homeowner of his family. 

That initial investment grew as equity in his house. At age 35, he sold that home and bought a 5-bedroom to accommodate his family when his wife’s pregnancy turned out to be a second set of twins!

In his 40s, Asher developed hereditary high blood pressure. He started taking daily medicine, and his heart was closely monitored by his cardiologist to keep it in check. 

He was told that if he hadn’t already had a life insurance policy, he wouldn’t have been approved for one anymore. Thanks to the policy he’d had since birth, he’s insured for life without being charged astronomical premiums.


Now let’s look at Cadence’s story.

Unfortunately, her parents didn’t know how to insure their baby from birth. When Cadence developed diabetes at age 16, they all learned how to manage it. 

They didn’t realize what hidden implications that would have.

After high school, Cadence joined the police force, fulfilling her love of leadership and commitment to her community. At age 28, her mother died of breast cancer.

At age 30, Cadence began thinking about life insurance after the birth of her first daughter. She was shocked that four different life insurance companies denied her application

When she asked why, they told her that the combination of her diabetes, her high-risk job, and her family medical history made her too high a risk for them to insure her. 

The fifth company approved her, but the small policy would cost an exorbitant amount of money each month. Cadence decided she had to look for other ways to protect her family’s future.


Learn more today

A small investment today can create amazing opportunities for your children tomorrow. 

Build wealth that they can use throughout their life. 

Read more details about this plan here. Then let’s discuss how we can invest in your children’s future and start building wealth for them. 

Set up a consultation today!

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